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Why Get Locks Changed?

Home security is a large concern to many Americans, which is why working with a professional locksmith is important. Most residential homes are equipped with door locks, which act as a first line of defense for valuables and residents of the home. Exterior door locks should be kept in good condition and any damaged locks should be changed as soon as possible to avoid security breaches and unauthorized entry into the home.

While door locks don’t need to be repaired or changed on a regular basis, there are times it is recommended door locks be changed. Let’s discuss common reasons homeowners change the locks on their exterior doors.


One of the main reasons for lock changes is moving into a new home. Once you’ve acquired a home or apartment, you will be given a set of keys. However, you have no way of knowing who else has a copy of that key and how many are out there, which makes it safer to get the locks changed.

Lost Keys

If you’ve lost the keys to your home, lock replacement orlando professionals can help by changing locks so that anyone who finds you key can’t enter the home. Even if your keys are found or returned, you have no way of knowing whether or not copies have already been made.


Homes that have been the target of theft or burglary should have locks changes, as they could have been damaged during the breach. A local locksmith will be able to change the locks immediately, ensuring that the home is once again safe and locks are intact.

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Some other common reasons individuals get the locks on their homes changed are divorce and damage to the lock. If you experience issues with your lock or want to feel a bit safer in your home, contact a locksmith professional to get locks replaced or rekeyed and prevent unauthorized entry into your abode.